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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Mel's ex-husband Ray arrives in Walford

Just as Jack plans to propose. But what does his arrival mean for Mel and Jack?

Catching Jack off-guard, Amy asks him when he’s going to marry Mel, which gets him thinking. After buying flowers which Mel mistakenly thinks are for her, Jack buys another bunch and visits Ronnie’s grave.

Later, Hunter's reaction to Jack wanting to propose to his mother leaves him surprised, but after some encouragement from Max he makes a decision. But when Hunter makes a secret, what could he be planning?

As Mel returns home, Hunter lets slip about his chat with Jack. His plan to propose at the E20 backfires as he and Mel have a surprise heart-to-heart. With the pair of them back on track, Mel realises that Jack is a good man and teases him to ask the question he wants to ask.

As he nervously awaits Mel’s response, a blast from Mel’s past arrives, her ex-husband, Ray. It transpires that Hunter was behind Ray’s sudden arrival and realising his plan, Ray leaves.

Jack's confused when Mel panics, but she covers saying she’s concerned for Hunter’s feelings, but her frustrations boil over when alone.

Later, Mel returns home to find Hunter still awake and orders him to bed taking his phone off him and she calls Ray.

After arranging a lunch with Mel and Hunter, Ray also invites Jack having got the address from Honey and Karen. But what is he playing at?

These scenes will air Monday 3rd (8pm), Tuesday 4th (7:30pm), Thursday 6th (7:30pm) and Friday 7th September (8pm) on BBC One


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