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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Ruby finally makes a statement

And Stacey and Martin are taken in for questioning. But whose side are they on?

When Ruby shows Stacey the nasty comments she's been getting online, Stacey is livid and as a go at Martin, convinced that his friend are behind it.

After Martin leaves, Stacey tries to persuade Ruby to go to the police and they head off to the station unaware that Martin has some new information about the events from that evening.

When Martin shares this information with Stacey, she asks Ruby to take her through exactly what happened at the party to make sure her friend is absolutely sure about that night's events.

Refusing to go to the police, Ruby just wants to try and move on with her life and heads to the E20 to face her demons and ends up helping Billy.

Realising that Ruby is hurt and struggling, Stacey has a heart-to-heart with her and opens up about her own experience, which gives Ruby the courage to go to the police.

Worried, after not hearing from Ruby, Stacey receives a phone call from the police and learns that she did end up making a statement and that she and Martin will need to also.

As they undergo questioning, the pressure mounts for Martin and as he heads home he bumps into Ross who wants an update. Martin is confused when Ross shows him a text from Ruby and when he spots him later in The Vic they talk. As Ross defends himself, Martin is left conflicted.

When Ross leaves, Stacey arrives with Ruby, who wants to buy Martin a drink to say thank you.

EastEnders continues Mondays (8pm), Tuesdays (7:30pm), Thursdays (7:30pm) and Fridays (8pm) on BBC One


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