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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Sharon is out for revenge after Linda's bombshell + more

The following storylines will air 20th, 21st, 23rd and 24th January on BBC One

Sharon is out for revenge after Linda's bombshell about Keanu

After bumping into Sharon on her way to the Prince Albert, Linda agrees to calling a truce and drunkenly reveals that Keanu is alive.

After planning a family meal for his birthday, Phil is relieved when Louise agrees to attend but it soon turns to worry when she lashes out at him and Ben. And after sharing some harsh words with Phil, Sharon is deflated when she sees the Mitchell’s celebrating Phil’s birthday without her.

Worried by Louise’s behaviour, Lisa tells Phil they’re moving to Portugal but Phil refuses wanting to keep Louise close.

Meanwhile, Linda denies all knowledge of her conversation with Sharon about Keanu but when Sharon threatens to ask Martin, Linda reveals the truth.

As past events come back to haunt them, the Mitchells are thrown into panic and with Sharon having the upper hand, what lengths will she go to, to get revenge?


Mick resorts to desperate measures to stop Linda drinking

After forgetting Mick's birthday, Linda quickly arranges a surprise party but it's clear that Linda is struggling with not drinking, but Mick is is proud of her when she declines a drink from Chantelle.

However, as the evening goes on Mick is devastated to find Ollie alone and realises that Linda has been drinking.

The next day, when Mick relays her actions from the previous night back to her, Linda is humiliated but is quick to blame him. Overhearing the commotion, Shirley is keen to protect Mick and after finding Linda's stash, her and Tina try to make him see sense.

However, the conversation is cut short by a call from Ollie’s school who explain that a social worker has been informed as Ollie is clearly suffering.

Back home, Mick asks Chantelle to look after Ollie but as a drunk Linda reacts hysterically, Mick resorts to desperate lengths to protect her.

After winning the election, Ian's party gets underway and Linda's drunken behaviour concerns everyone and Mick tries desperately to get her home.


Patrick gets to know Isaac

When Lola urges Sheree to make amends with Patrick, she finally plucks up the courage to see him, only Patrick is not prepared for her bombshell.

Things get off to a rocky start as Patrick meets Isaac for the first time, but they soon get to know one another better.



Following Leo’s plans to ruin her business, Kat is thrilled when Whitney sets up a meeting with a new client, Mr Hobbs - but despite being offered the contract, the extent of Leo’s meddling becomes clear. And Kat is left reassured after opening up to Kush about her past

Stuart is horrified when Rainie targets Jean and Daniel but unbeknownst to them, Jean and Daniel are the ones in control and running rings around them.

And Sonia’s guilt continues to grow as she struggles to contain her emotion after being berated by Martin.


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