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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Tensions continue to rise between Ian and Masood

As Ian lies to Masood in a bid to win Mel back.

As Ian and Masood continue to bicker, Ian is annoyed to see the state of Masood’s van and steps in to help him get it ready to open as a food truck.

The tension between Ian and Masood builds when Mel puts the pressure on them to move their van and uses her charm to win Ian round. Masood takes matters into his own hands and plays her at her own game.

Having decided on a name for their business, Ian tries to trick Masood into moving the van but Masood soon realises he’s been lied to. Furious, Masood confronts Ian about lying and learns it’s because Mel wanted the van moved.

Realising just how much Ian is besotted with Mel, Masood has an idea and they head to the club with a proposition.

After suggesting to Mel that they should go for dinner to discuss business plans, Ian soon realises he’s been played when Mel and Jack drop Amy off so that he can babysit whilst they go on a date.

Realising that Ian has been pretending to be sick in order to meet with Mel, Masood confronts Ian for leaving him alone to sort out their business.

These scenes will air Monday 9th - Friday 13th July on BBC One


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