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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Tina's arrested after coming face to face with Stuart

After an argument between them escalates, Tina lashes out and leaves him lying lifeless on the floor. Has she gone too far this time?

Reeling from what happened to Tina, Mick is baffled when Tina tells him she wants him to forget it and doesn’t want him to get revenge for her. Trying to calm him down, Linda tells him that Tina should be his focus now.

However Mick comes to blows with Stuart after he plays the innocent and tries to help Mick find out who could have been responsible for what happened to Tina.

With Stuart back on the Square and searching for Tina he tells Kathy and Keanu that she damaged his car.

As he comes face-to-face with Tina in the launderette he tries to manipulate her and begs her to tell everyone she got it wrong. When she refuses, he confronts her about keying his car.

As an argument between them escalates, Tina blames Stuart for ruining her life and after lashing out she attacks him, leaving his lifeless body on the floor of The Arches.

Horrified at what she’s done, she seeks help from Mick and Linda.

Before they have time to explain to Shirley what's happened, she announces that the police are outside and Tina gets arrested for attacking Stuart. Desperate, Mick calls around all his old mates to see if Stuart let slip to any of them about what he did all those years ago.

These scenes will air Monday 23rd - Friday 27th July on BBC One

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