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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Monday 18th - Friday 22nd March

Next week in EastEnders, Ruby asks Phil for a favour, Stuart targets an upset Bex, Linda pays tribute to Heather and Mitch steals from Patrick.

Here are all the spoilers you need...

Ruby asks Phil for a favour

As Ross and Matt arrive on The Square

When Ruby tells Stacey that Jay has rejected, Stacey advises her to not give up hope, explaining all about Jay's past. Desperate for some advice, Jay turns to Phil, but Ruby is less than impressed when she overhears what Phil has to say.

After a meeting with her Independent Sexual Violence Adviser, Ruby shocks Stacey with her admission. Noticing how upset Ruby is, Stacey asks Martin to have a word with Jay, which doesn't go to plan.

Turning up at The Arches with a wad of cash, Ruby asks Phil for a favour. Initially he declines, but as she rakes up the past and tells him that he owes her, Phil takes the money. But as he reflects on her offer with Sharon, she snaps reminding him of what Ruby's father did to her, and he returns her money.

When Stacey finds Ruby drowning her sorrows in The Vic she takes her home and after reassuring Stacey that she’s fine, Ruby hatches a plan to lure Ross back to Walford to prove the type of man he is.

As Ruby prepares for her plan, Ross and Matt arrive on The Square, with Ross unknowingly letting himself in to Ruby’s. Stunned to find her waiting for him, Ross is confused by Ruby’s behaviour but when she admits she wants to make him an offer, Ross is all ears.

Meanwhile, Matt bottles the meeting and heads home but Martin spots him and wonders why he’s back. At The Vic, Matt opens up to Martin about everything that’s happened with Ruby.


Stuart targets an upset Bex

But is Kush right to worry?

Feeling the pressure from her family, Bex lies about how she did on a practice exam before confiding in Louise about how she really did. Hurt by Louise’s lack of interest, Bex storms off only for Stuart to see her upset and chase after her.

During a surprise heart-to-heart, Kush spots them and instantly tells Martin who storms over to threaten Stuart. Realising that Kush has got it wrong, Martin's actions upset Bex further.

Turning to Kush to talk about her worries about going to University, Bex is pleased by his reassurance. When she later overhears that Martin will be at the E20 with Kush, Bex seizes the opportunity to see Kush again.

As she waits for Louise, Bex is joined by Kush and the pair reminisce about Shakil.


Linda pays tribute to Heather

After she returns to Walford without Mick

After forgetting Heather’s anniversary, Linda arranges Karaoke in the pub to cheer Shirley up, as everyone belts out some of Heather’s favourite 80s songs.

Knowing it’s Heather’s anniversary, Phil’s attempt to make conversation with Shirley backfires when she brings up Ben and tells him to leave her alone.

Touched by Linda’s idea, Shirley relents and joins them in The Vic.


Mitch steals from Patrick

But will he get caught?

Determined to get new football boots for Bailey, Mitch resorts to stealing one of Patrick’s rare records after losing out on a paid job so that he could help Denise.

With Patrick looking for his missing record, Denise realises what Mitch has done when she spots him at Winston's music stall. With Tina's help, Denise sets a trap for Mitch and when he arrives at The Vic, Denise and Patrick confront him.

Later, Patrick is elated when he learns his record collection is worth a lot of money, and Kim encourages Denise to pitch her business idea to Patrick.

As she tries to convince him to invest in her salon, Mitch gets wind of Denise's idea and decides to pitch a barbershop to Patrick.


EastEnders continues Mondays at 8pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm and Fridays at 8pm on BBC One


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