EASTENDERS SPOILERS Monday 25th - Friday 29th March

Next week in EastEnders, Keanu returns to Walford, Bernadette tracks down Tiffany and Mitch and Karen's daughter Chantelle arrives in Walford.

Here are all the latest pics and spoilers you need...

Keanu returns to Walford

But what does this mean for Phil?

When Keanu arrives back in Walford, he receives a warm welcome from his siblings, whilst Karen tells him off for not getting in touch. Also pleased to see him back is Sharon, but the feeling is far from mutual.

Receiving a text from someone asking to meet, Keanu spins them a lie and sends Phil instead. At The Arches, Danny, one of Phil’s money laundering associates, stops by and demands that he continues to launder him money to make up for what they lost in Spain.