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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Monday 25th - Friday 29th March

Next week in EastEnders, Keanu returns to Walford, Bernadette tracks down Tiffany and Mitch and Karen's daughter Chantelle arrives in Walford.

Here are all the latest pics and spoilers you need...

Keanu returns to Walford

But what does this mean for Phil?

When Keanu arrives back in Walford, he receives a warm welcome from his siblings, whilst Karen tells him off for not getting in touch. Also pleased to see him back is Sharon, but the feeling is far from mutual.

Receiving a text from someone asking to meet, Keanu spins them a lie and sends Phil instead. At The Arches, Danny, one of Phil’s money laundering associates, stops by and demands that he continues to launder him money to make up for what they lost in Spain.

Interrupting the conversation, Sharon catches Keanu alone and refuses to leave without answers. At a loss, Phil takes Keanu up on his offer to work together.

Louise meanwhile, is furious when Keanu ignores her and her embarrassment grows when a man spills coffee all over her. Louise uses this man, Midge, to make Keanu jealous but when Keanu realises he’s one of the men from Spain who attacked him, he rushes to fetch Phil who sends Louise on her way and warns Midge to stay away.

However Midge takes no notice of Phil, demanding payback for the money he lost and when he threatens Louise, Phil realises that he needs to find the money quick and reckons tracking down Alfie is the answer. Desperate, Phil befriends Danny and asks Keanu to protect Louise at all costs.

Unaware of Phil's request, Sharon jumps to the assumption that Keanu is trying to win Louise over and warns him to back off.

Meanwhile Kathy senses that Phil's in trouble after spotting an exchange between him and Danny and is stunned when she heads to The Arches to get answers. But when Sharon turns up, demanding answers, Kathy leaves and Sharon asks Phil to keep Keanu away from Louise.

Realising that Keanu is protecting Louise, Kathy confronts Phil. But what good will that do?


Bernadette tracks down Tiffany

But can Sonia save her?

Bernadette finds Tiffany in Ted's flat looking for a hidden stash of cash but when she takes her outside, Tiffany is shaken when she spots the guy who previously attacked Evie.

Despite Bernadette’s pleas to get help, Tiffany rushes back to Evie. When Bernadette reveals to Whitney and Sonia just how much trouble Tiffany is in, they are both horrified - with Bernadette promising to lure her back to the Square.

Arriving at the Taylor's, Tiffany soon learns that it’s a set-up, snaps at Bernadette and tries to escape. Even Sonia and Whitney can't get through to Tiffany who's terrified and insists that she has to find money. Sonia manages to keep Tiffany with them for one night by lying to her, telling her that she can get her the money. But when the money doesn't surface, Sonia is upset to find Tiffany stealing money and Dot’s jewellery.

As they both come to blows, Sonia locks Tiffany in a rom and turns to Jack for help. However when they return, they're shocked to find that Tiffany has escaped. When Bernadette mentions Ted’s flat, Whitney, Sonia and Jack rush down there and are horrified by what they find.


Chantelle arrives in Walford

But what does this mean for Patrick's investment?

In order to decide which salon to invest in, Patrick rents the old Blade’s salon for the day to test both Denise and Kim's salon and Mitch's barbershop.

After failing to recruit Stacey as a hairdresser for their pop-up, Denise and Kim hold trials at the house but it's not long before Denise feels like giving up, frustrated by Kim's high standards.

However, when Chantelle, Karen and Mitch’s daughter, arrives they're impressed and offer her the job unaware of who she is. But when they gloat to Mitch over their new recruit, they're stunned to discover that she is his daughter.

As they open for business, Karen arrives to help Mitch and is delighted to see her daughter leading her to switch teams. As Denise and Kim struggle to drum up business, Mitch manages to entice customers by offering free rum. Relishing in the success of his pop-up, Mitch is put off when a customer, Gray, arrives and after taking a liking to Chantelle, leaves her a generous tip.

Later at The Vic, Patrick announces his decision. But whose business will he invest in?


EastEnders continues Mondays at 8pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm and Fridays at 8pm on BBC One


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