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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Monday 22nd - Friday 26th April

Next week in EastEnders, Louise is kidnapped, Jay and Ruby make it official, Kim makes a peace offering and Jean moves back in with Stacey so that she can track down Sean.

Here are all the latest pics and spoilers...

Louise is kidnapped

But will Keanu, Phil and Ben be able to find her?

Keanu desperately calls Phil after seeing Midge bundle Louise into a car. Rushing to help, Phil takes Ben with him who worries that Danny must be behind everything.

As they race to help Louise, who's locked in a shipping container, they arrive at the docks and Phil heads off to find Danny, ordering Ben to stay out. Eventually, Keanu finds Louise and unties her only to be knocked unconscious by Midge and locked in with Louise.

With Louise’s safety in grave danger, Phil and Ben continue to search for her at the docks but as Phil leaves Danny a threatening message, he’s whacked from behind.

Back in Walford, Tiffany puts Sharon in her place after she quizzes her and Dennis about whether the gang are involved with what’s happened to Louise. When Sharon tells Kathy that Louise is in danger, she's furious that Phil implicated Ben.

Trying to calm the situation, Billy ends up dropping Phil in it as a guilty Lola watches on. And Sharon is rocked by Kathy’s revelation that the only reason Ben has returned is because Phil is in financial trouble. As things escalate, they agree not to contact the police.


Jay and Ruby make it official

But things get awkward when Ruby gives Lola a job

Feeling guilty after his kiss with Lola, Jay heads over to tell Ruby who's wanting to celebrate Matt and Ross receiving their sentences. Admitting that he wants to make things official, Jay is taken aback when she agrees!

As Jay and Ruby celebrate going official, Lola's arrival at The Vic annoys Jay until she explains about Louise and he rushes off.

Meanwhile, to keep Lola in Walford, Bully asks Ruby to give her a job but things get awkward when Jay returns with Lola and Ruby realises she’s given Jay’s ex a job.

On Lola's first day, Ruby gives her a tough time after feeling jealous of her good luck card from Billy which was also signed by Jay. During a meeting, Ruby's annoyed when Lola bonds with her client and once alone doesn’t hold back in putting her in her place.


Kim makes a peace offering

And Chantelle hatches a plan for Gray and Mitch to see eye-to-eye

With Kim continuing to give Chantelle a hard time, Karen and Gray persuade her to make a peace offering. But with Gray and Mitch struggling to see eye-to-eye, Chantelle hatches a plan for them to resolve their differences.

Back on the Square, Karen opens up to Mitch about her issues with Chantelle.

Elsewhere, after hearing Mitch mentioning his concerns about not hearing from Bailey, Keegan offers to check in on her. He's shocked to see how frail Dinah is and tries to reassure Bailey that going into a home is the best thing for her mum.


Jean moves back in with Stacey

So that she can track down Sean

Jean moves back in with Stacey, certain that she'll be able to help her find Sean. But she's left furious when Stacey lies to her about trying to contact him but the number didn't work.

After admitting that she lied to protect her, Jean borrows Habiba’s phone out on The Square and leaves Sean a message. But when she doesn't hear from him, Jean takes her frustrations out on Stacey at the hospital who snaps and reveals that she's spoken to Sean and he knows everything.

As tensions reach breaking point, Jean heads into her appointment whilst Stacey leaves to collect the kids from school. However, unbeknownst to them both, Sean’s back!


EastEnders continues Mondays at 8pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm and Fridays at 8pm on BBC One


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