EASTENDERS SPOILERS Monday 6th - Friday 10th May

Next week in EastEnders, Ben threatens Rainie and sets his sights on Jay, Louise discovers she's pregnant and Bailey moves to Albert Square with her mum.

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Ben threatens Rainie

And sets his sights on Jay

Facing the consequences of recent events, and after overhearing a tense conversation between Stuart and Rainie, Ben gets an idea of how he can make things up to Phil and Lola.

After purposefully sabotaging a sale at a the car lot, Ben offers Rainie his services to fix the broken car, but clocking on to what he's doing, Rainie confronts hum.

Before storming off, Ben threatens her but despite the tense confrontation, she's distracted by Stuart and Bex who hug - not knowing that they've both returned from an NA meeting. Secretly taking a photo, Rainie stirs up trouble and tells Sonia that she saw Stuart with a schoolgirl.

Calling in a favour, Ben has the cars from outside the car lot stolen as he plans his next step. Revelling in his plan, Ben asks Lola to be her alibi for last night, but she's taken aback when Rainie aggressively confronts him in the café.

Over at The Vic, Ben drops a bombshell on Jay that he still legally owns the car lot land and offers to help him fight Max to get the land back. With pressure building from Ben, Jay confides in Ruby over what he should do. But when Ben suggests they go into business together, what will Jay decide?

Revealing that she's booked an appointment with a financial advisor, Ruby is concerned to hear about Ben's new plan and warns Jay not to trust him.

Reminding Jay about the appointment, Ruby relays her concerns about Ben and after Ben spots the exchange, he uses Lexi as a ploy to get to Jay.

When Phil instructs Keanu to do another driving job that night, he's worried it’s the same as before and shares his concerns with Phil who insists he goes through with it.


Louise discovers she's pregnant

But how will Keanu take the news?

With Keanu and Louise secretly growing even closer, Keanu assures her that he’ll never put her in danger again until Louise has a worrying realisation.

When Bex discovers that Louise is pregnant, she offers her some encouragement, telling her that she can't ignore Keanu forever.

After breaking the news to a stunned Keanu, Louise rushes off before he has a chance to speak. Confiding in Karen about what he should do, Keanu is given a tough reality check from his mum. But when Keanu reaches out to Louise, with Sharon close-by, she ignores his call.

Worried about what he might say, Louise goes to see Keanu but makes an upsetting discovery. Distraught, she turns to Bex for support.


Bailey moves to Albert Square with her mum

But wishes she could look after Dinah alone

After struggling to come to terms with Dinah moving into a care home, Bailey wants to help and Ted offers his flat to her, Mitch and Dinah and says that he'll move in with Patrick.

As the Taylors help with the move, Chantelle tries her hardest to make amends with Karen who refuses to come round.

With Bailey missing looking after her mum, Dinah calls Karen all worried and later realises how much Bailey is hurting. But when Karen gets a worrying call from Dinah - what has happened?


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