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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Monday 3rd - Friday 7th June

Next week in EastEnders, a Grange Hill legend makes an appearance as Mick tries to spice up Linda's life and win her Spice Girls tickets!

Elsewhere, Phil makes a surprising offer to Louise, Callum and Ben come to blows, Billy warns Honey about Adam's cheating, tensions continue to grow between Chantelle and Kim and Robbie and Sami return to Walford!

Here are all the latest spoilers and pics you need...

Mick tries to spice up Linda's life

And win her Spice Girls tickets

As Linda worries about Ollie's behaviour, Mick assumes her mood is down to her missing out on Spice Girls tickets. Wanting to cheer her up, Mick enters a competition to win tickets to the concert and with Tina's help gets through to the next round!

But as Shirley and Tina help Mick prepare for the next round of the competition, he loses to another caller, Terry played by Lee MacDonald aka Zammo from Grange Hill. After a wild goose chase, Mick tracks Terry down, but he refuses to give him the tickets.

As they celebrate Tina's final shift at the café, Mick reveals all about the tickets to Linda after she questions his behaviour.

Touched, the pair sing their favourite song and are stunned when Terry turns up! But what does he want?


Kat and Stacey fall out

After Stacey delivers some harsh truths

After deterring Kush from going for joint custody, Kat accidentally lets slip to Stacey about his plan for custody of Arthur as she helps her prepare a meal to sort our Kush and Martin's feud.

As Stacey rushes to confront Kush, Martin and Kat are dragged into the argument and Kat is crushed when Stacey fiercely turns on her and tells her she's no longer family.

Elsewhere, Jean and Mo are taken aback by the frosty atmosphere between Kat and Stacey.


Phil makes a surprising offer to Louise

He wants to pay for her to have an abortion

As tensions continue to simmer between Phil and Louise, he makes matters worse by suggesting to Louise that he'll pay for her to have an abortion.

Horrified, Louise tells her dad that she's keeping the baby and if he's to tell Keanu then she'll make sure that everyone knows about him paying Keanu to date her.

Determined to make Louise change her mind about having the baby, Phil asks Ben to use Lexi to show her the difficulties of parenting. But as Ben goes to see Louise, she sees right through his efforts and gives him a stern reality check.


Callum and Ben come to blows

After Callum brings up the past

Callum invites Stuart to their housewarming party and as the party gets underway, things quickly get out of hand when a drunken Ben arrives.

But when he later finds Ben in Paul’s old bedroom haunted by past memories, Callum is surprised as Ben opens up to him.

The next day, after Ben thanks Callum for his support, he snaps when Callum brings up Paul.


Billy warns Honey about Adam's cheating

But will she believe him?

Honey is surprised at how accepting Billy is when she tells him that she's moving in with Adam. After accepting his invitation for a family meal, Honey is suspicious to find Billy alone and fails to believe him when he blurts out that Adam has been cheating on her.

Upset, Honey goes to find Adam at their new flat.

Things are looking up for Iqra and Habiba as Mariam and Arshad agree to let them stay for longer. But how will they react when they suggest inviting Adam and Honey over for dinner?

As Habiba makes plans to see Adam, Mariam and Arshad realise there is more to Habiba and Iqra being in the Square than they’re letting on and they are later left stunned when Iqra admits she’s ran away and is not going through with her wedding. With Mariam’s words on her mind, Iqra calls her father to break the news.

With things tense between Honey and Billy, Lola tries to convince Honey that Billy wouldn’t lie to her about Adam but has no luck. And as Honey prepares to move her things to Adam’s, Habiba confronts Adam about their future and pleads with him to leave Honey.

And later, why is Iqra raging when she enters The Vic?


Tensions continue to grow between Chantelle and Kim

As Denise reaches the end of her tether

With tensions still rife between Kim and Chantelle, Denise challenges them to work together to impress an important customer, but it doesn't go well when Kim keeps making digs at Chantelle.

Treating herself ahead of her final shift at the café, Tina goes to get her hair done but Chantelle and Kim continue to get at each other's throats, much to Denise's despair.

Fed up of Kim continuing to give Chantelle a hard time, Denise reaches the end of her tether. But what will she do to fix the problem?


Robbie and Sami return to Walford

But what is Robbie hiding?

Handing out gifts, Robbie is distracted by a text from Nita telling him to enjoy their week together. But with a guilty look on his face, what could Robbie be hiding? And with things tense at Dot's, Kush offers up his spare room to Robbie and Sami.

As Sonia tries to spend time with Robbie and Sami, she grows suspicious when after realising that Robbie has lied about his plans with Sami.

When she tries to call Nita with Sami, Robbie shuts the idea down and the next day he revels in spending quality time with Sami. Later, as he cooks Kush a thank you meal for letting them stay, Robbie ignores Nita’s text. But what does it say?


EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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