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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Monday 11th - Friday 15th February

Next week in EastEnders, a body is found and Mel is taken in for questioning, Doctor Legg passes away, Mitch turns to Keegan for advice, Jean worries about her health, Evie demands more from Tiffany and Masood ponders a new life in Australia.

Here are all the latest pics and spoilers you need...

A body is found and Mel is taken in for questioning

Is the game up for her and Hunter?

Mel is alarmed when Billy tells her that the police have been looking for her and immediately goes in search of Hunter. Having treated Louise to a day shopping with Ray's secret stash of money, Hunter invites Louise round for dinner to wind up his mum.

As they sit down for dinner, Mel and Hunter's worst fears are confirmed when they hear on the radio that a body has been found in the woods.

As Mel is taken in for questioning, she finds herself in an uncomfortable situation as she is interrogated by police and uses Jack as an alibi. But when Jack is caught off guard by the police, will he go along with Mel's lies?

When she returns to Albert Square, Jack forces her to reveal all and he advises her to tell the police everything. Instead she manages to convince Jack to help her and Hunter flee Walford.

But as Jack drives them away to freedom, they're shocked to find out that they are being followed by the police.


Doctor Legg passes away

After sharing some poignant memories with Dot

Dot is upset when Sonia breaks the news to her that Doctor Legg doesn’t want to return home for his final weeks. After visiting the hospital to try and convince him otherwise, Dot turns to Stuart for help and Doctor Legg eventually agrees to return home.

As Sonia prepares to take him home, she’s left touched when he shows her a medallion his father gave to him and his wife Judith. And Bex opens up to Sonia about his imminent passing.

During his final moments, Dot has a touching gift for Doctor Legg and he shares some poignant memories with before eventually passing away.


Mitch turns to Keegan for advice

After Karen lets slip about him stealing Ted's money

After being asked to look after Bailey, Karen drops Mitch in it by letting slip to Patrick and Denise that he is the one who stole the money from Ted. Fuming, Denise forces him to make up for it by helping her with tasks around the house.

To try and cheer Bailey up after she's sent home from school, Mitch suggests a game of football with Keegan and Mick but things end badly when Bailey hurts her shoulder.

When Mick tries to offer advice on how to look after Bailey, Mitch tells him to stay out of it and turns to Keegan for advice and invites him out for the day with Bailey.

Later on, Mitch bumps into Denise and begs her not to reveal about the stolen money in front of Bailey. Will Denise keep quiet?


Jean worries about her health

After the doctor tells her that she needs further tests

As the Slaters prepare for Hayley’s return, the doctor tells Jean that she needs further tests, news which she keeps hidden from Stacey.

Shirley however senses that all is not well with Jean and tricks her into gatecrashing a hen party at the E20 to cheer her up. But when she turns up with Cherry in tow, she struggles to enjoy the party, upset that she has been lied to.

When things get too much for her, she snaps at Shirley before storming off. Whilst outside, Jean breaks down and Shirley senses there is something she is hiding.

The next day, Jean realises that Shirley told Mo about what happened and rushes over to The Vic to confront her.


Evie demands more from Tiffany

But has she been telling the truth?

Frustrated to find her gang lounging around, Evie leaves Tiffany in a difficult situation with Whitney after insisting she take on more jobs.

Pleased by her recent earnings, Tiffany gloats to the other gang members but soon feels out of her depth when Evie scolds Vix for not earning enough and warns her never to return.

Made to feel bad by Stix for what happened with Vix, Tiffany later spots Evie with a bloke. But who is he?


Masood ponders a new life in Australia

But will Kathy join him?

With Tamwar and Nancy getting married, Masood suggests Kathy comes with him to their wedding in Australia.

Agreeing, Kathy gets more than she bargained for when Masood suggests moving there permanently. How will Kathy react? And more importantly, will she agree to the move?


EastEnders continues Mondays at 8pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm and Fridays at 8pm on BBC One


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