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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Monday 25th February - Friday 1st March

Next week in EastEnders, Ruby's event goes from bad to worse, Jean's cancer secret is out, Stuart announces that he's leaving Walford and Mick and Linda prepare for Nancy's wedding.

Here are all the latest pics and spoilers you need...

Ruby's event goes from bad to worse

But what causes it to come to an abrupt end?

As she prepares for the event she's managing for Walford East, Ruby upsets Iqra by posting a picture of her on the restaurant’s social media page. With things off to a bad start, she manages to rescue the event by roping in the Slaters to help.

With the even underway, Jay confides in Stacey that the police have been looking for Ruby but he’s told them she’s out. With the event off to a great start, Jay tries to make things official with Ruby but he is disappointed when she is too pre-occupied with impressing potential client Lewis, to notice.

However when Lewis tries to make a move on Ruby, she orders him to leave causing a scene.

Things go from bad to worse for Ruby and the event comes to a sudden end and Jay is worried when Ruby later ignores his calls shuts the door in his face. After getting the wrong end of the stick, Jay ends up upsetting Ruby.


Jean's cancer secret is out

But it all gets too much for her and she flees Walford

After quizzing Sonia about how her mum coped following her cancer diagnosis, Jean is confronted by Stacey who asks her about what’s going on and books her a doctor's appointment. Worried that Stacey will learn the truth, Jean refuses to let her come in and sneaks off before the doctor has a chance to talk to her.

Back home, Stacey tells Kat that she needs to step-up with Cherry as it’s too much for Jean to handle. But when Kat searches Jean's room for something of Cherry’s, she's stunned to find Jean’s appointment letter. Realising that Jean could have cancer, Kat tries to comfort her but Jean demands she keeps it a secret from Stacey.

Fearing the worst after hearing the truth from Kat, Stacey rushes over to The Vic to see her mum. As Shirley overhears the commotion, Stacey insists Jean goes for the tests straight away but it all becomes too much for Jean. When Kat suggests how best to help Jean, Stacey is touched by her gesture.

Later, when Jean overhears Kat and Stacey talking about her, she secretly packs a bag and heads for the station. The Slaters report Jean missing to the police but with Stacey struggling, Martin takes matters into his own hands and ropes others in to help find her.


Stuart announces that he's leaving Walford

After Rainie discovers the truth about his past

Rainie is shocked when she attends a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, to find Stuart there and keeps out of view as he talks about Dot. But when she later spots him in The Vic which Dot, she taunts him about his admissions in the NA meeting.

Furious, Stuart confronts Rainie at the car lot demanding answers but when he realises she was at the meeting and heard everything, he opens up about what’s going on and begs her not to tell Dot.

Paranoid that Rainie will tell Dot and Halfway the truth about his past, Stuart keeps a close eye on her but after a run-in with Halfway, Stuart’s had enough and announces he’s leaving.

After being intercepted by Dot, Stuart confesses about his past. But will he still leave Walford?


Mick and Linda prepare for Nancy's wedding

But who will be left in charge of The Vic?

As Mick and Linda prepare for their trip to Australia for Nancy and Tamwar's wedding, Linda tells Mick she doesn’t want Shirley left in charge of The Vic while they are away.

But will Linda agree to calling a truce with Shirley? And what will she make of Shirley hinting to Mick that he should wear a cultural outfit to the wedding?

Seeing Mick fitted in his outfit for the wedding, Linda likes what she sees and together they make the final preparations for their trip.


EastEnders continues Mondays at 8pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm and Fridays at 8pm on BBC One


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