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Ed and Michael to oversee the conversion of the Rovers into flats in Corrie

But can the Weatherfield residents save The Rovers?

Ed is delighted when Ronnie reveals that he’s had a call from a property developer mate and he’d like them to oversee the conversion of the Rovers into flats. Whilst Debbie warns him that he’ll have the whole street against him.

Michael tells Ed that Grandad Sarge called and he’ll be joining them for Christmas, while Dee-Dee invites Joel to join the family too.

Thanking Ed for his work in the flat, Paul promises to pay him as soon as his disability grant comes in. Masking his panic, Ed assures him there’s no rush.

Elsewhere, Glenda leads a ‘Save the Rovers Campaign’ and rallies the troops as they see Luke, Ed and Ronnie file out of the Rovers. Believing the pub to have been sold, Jenny's heartbroken to think Ronnie betrayed her.

In the cafe, Ed promises Tony that he'll pay him his wages today. However, when he goes to pay for his coffee, his panic rises when Norris' card is declined.

Opening a letter addressed to Norris Cole, Michael reads that his credit card has been frozen due to suspicious activity. As Ed panics, is his gambling about to be exposed?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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