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ED FRINGE REVIEW Chris Ramsey, All Growed Up


This year Chris Ramsey returns to Edinburgh with a brand new show, that sees him explore getting older, taking responsibility, realising he is no longer a child and all of the other terrifying realisations that come with being dragged kicking and screaming into modern adulthood.

I broke my Fringe virginity last year, and one of the acts I was keen to see was Chris Ramsey. Sadly he had sold out by the time I wanted to book tickets. Sad for me of course, for him that's a tremendous achievement, and one he's looking to repeat this year.

Luckily this year I was able to get tickets to see him and I'm so pleased I did as he did not disappoint. I've always been a fan of the cheeky Geordie, so to see him live was a real treat.

He began by asking a member of the audience what they wanted to be when they were older (the show is called All Growed Up after all), it turned out they wanted to be in the Police. When asked why he never did become a policeman, the guy said "Because I'm colourblind" to which Chris replied very quickly with "They need to be in America." Cue rapturous applause from the audience.

Then Chris said something which really spoke to me "Any reviewers in, that's the only bit of satire in the show. The rest is nob gags." So there you go, if you're expecting satire, this isn't the show for you. If you're expecting nob jokes, then I'm pleased to say there are a few.

Something I've noticed this year more than I did last year, is that comedians love to speak to the audience, they love to mention when someone leaves for the toilet, or for good, and tonight when Chris revealed he was an only child, someone from the audience shouted "Spoilt c**t" much to the shock of the audience and Chris.

But he got his own back by telling him "You're jealous because I always got a brand new bath" and later on in the gig made another dig at him by saying that he didn't need to reply on hand me downs when it came to new clothes.

All Growed Up, as you would expect is a show about growing up, from being an only child playing hide and seek with his mum, to making friends with the biggest dickhead ever when he was younger and getting married and expecting a baby.

His genuine excitement, and nervousness at becoming a dad is endearing. One of the things Chris is most worried about is raising a dickhead. He doesn't want to raise a "peadophile, a racist or Katie Hopkins" at which point the audience erupted into applause.

If you didn't love Chris Ramsey on the way in, I guarantee you will on the way out. His set was honest, personal and provided a lot of genuine laughs from myself and the rest of the packed out audience.

Oh and for the record, when Chris Ramsay was younger he wanted to grow up to be an Astronaut Zookeeper. As you do.

Chris Ramsey: All Growed Up runs in Edinburgh until Sunday 30th August


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