ED FRINGE REVIEW Colin Cloud, Dare

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This year, America's Got Talent finalist Colin Cloud is performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with his new show Dare.

This side of the Atlantic, Colin Cloud is best known perhaps for threatening to reveal Holly Willoughby’s darkest secret during an appearance on This Morning. And back in 2015 during another appearance on the show, Holly begged Colin to “Please do me. Can you just stay and do me.” in a clip which has since (unsurprisingly) gone viral.

It's always difficult when reviewing a show like Dare because you of course do not want to give away anything that happens, because that will ruin it for those who are yet to get to see it.

What won't spoil it for you, is letting you know what happens when you walk in to Dare. You are handed a Colin Could mask and via a video on screen Colin asks you to take a selfie wearing the mask, post it to social media and ask people to reply with the most random word they can.