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ED FRINGE REVIEW Heidi Regan, Heidi Kills Time

★ ★ ★ ★

It feels like she's really starting to find her voice and style.

Last year Heidi Regan described herself as a "slow burner" and whilst that was true for her debut hour, the same can't be said for her second show, Heidi Kills Time. From the off Heidi lets the audience know that the show will be "silly and fun" and the audience are on board straight away as she tells us about her family business which can only be described as surreal

but I shan't spoil it for you.

For her debut, Heidi tasked herself with writing an hour-long comedy show about sharks which relied heavily on an excellent PowerPoint presentation which could have so easily become her style. But there was no PowerPoint this year - sort of, there were a couple of Venn diagrams which were hysterical - it was pure stand-up.

Even in just twelve months I've noticed a clear improvement in Heidi's material and her deadpan delivery of it.

One thing I always remembered from her debut was her mentioning how she doesn't like talking about herself. However this year, her strongest material was when she did talk about herself, her coming out and personal stories about her and her girlfriend.

So much of what makes a comedy show resonate is liking and getting to know the person telling the jokes which I definitely felt shone through in this year's effort.

If her ambition was to make show that was silly and fun (which I know it was), then Heidi has succeeded. For example she goes back in time to educate 7-year-old Hitler about Harry Potter and the best DVD boxsets to watch, to speak to her past self and her opening quip about her grandma always reading the last page of crime novels first seems throwaway but of course it has significant meaning, proving how well-structured the hour is.

I felt like I got to know Heidi much better this year and it feels like she's really starting to find her voice and style which is wonderful to see.

Heidi Regan: Heidi Kills Time runs until 26th August at 4.45pm at the Pleasance Courtyard (Beside). Book tickets here.


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