ED FRINGE REVIEW Jayde Adams, The Divine Ms Jayde

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

An hour that's full of gags, amazing vocals and dazzling costumes. A perfect introduction to who Jayde is as a person and as a performer.

Last year in my review for Jayde Adams I commented on her ability to make an audience laugh and cry. This year however, as she returns for her fifth Edinburgh hour, she spares the audience from tears, despite songs about crying on stage and apologising to her father, and just allows the audience to laugh. Refreshing for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Acts have to choose their show titles so far in advance that often it doesn't relate to the hour they end up taking to Edinburgh. But not for Jayde. The Divine Ms Jayde, seemingly inspired by the Bette Midler album The Divine Miss M is such an apt title for an hour that's full of gags, amazing