ED FRINGE REVIEW Lucy Beaumont, Space Mam

★ ★ ★ ★

Credit: Andy Hollingworth

Warm, endearing and nuanced with hints of Caroline Aherne.

2011's So You Think You're Funny finalist Lucy Beaumont has unusually left it five years between her Edinburgh Comedy Awards nominated debut and her second show Space Mam. In that time Lucy has had a child and it's modern day womanhood and being a mother which forms the basis of her material.

Used to performing this show to her neighbours in her pub in her garage back home in Hebden Bridge, Lucy begins by singling out audience members who throughout the show will play the part of her neighbours. She tells them their name, their personalities - and for one couple, that they buy all their shoes from a garden centre - as a comedy device that involves the audience it works beautifully.