ED FRINGE REVIEW Natalie Palamides, Nate

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Natalie Palamides has returned with a groundbreaking hour about consent that's original, awkward and powerful.

LA based comedian Natalie Palmadies was the talk of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe last year with her debut hour Laid which saw her named Best Newcomer. In her debut, she played the part of a woman who laid an egg every day and this year's she's back with an equally bizarre and original hour, Nate. A tale about masculinity, sexual harassment and consent.

Dressing up as Nate, who's the definition of a douchebag, he rides in on a tiny motorbike wearing nothing but a lumberjack jacket, trousers and some drawn on chest hair before proving his masculinity further by cracking a raw egg into his mouth, downing cans (of Perrier) and beating a wooden log with an axe. Quite the opening to a show!