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ED FRINGE REVIEW Sindhu Vee, Sandhog

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Sandhog is a debut hour that will be the envy of comedians far more experienced than her.

There are so many great newcomers performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year that I really don't envy the decision the judges for this year's Comedy Awards have to make when it comes to awarding Best Newcomer.

A performer who is almost certainly in the running is Sindhu Vee whose debut hour Sandhog unsurprisingly sold out within the first few days of the festival beginning.

But of course this isn't Sindhu's first time performing at the Fringe, she's been testing out material since 2013 and has taken five years to perfect her debut. And perfect it she has! Sandhog is a debut hour that will be the envy of comedians far more experienced than her and one of the finest hours of stand-up I've ever witnessed in Edinburgh.

Married for over 20 years, Sindhu's brutally honest deconstruction of marriage and unapologetic tales of raising three children in England and being a wife to a Danish man have audiences oin stitches and hanging on her every word.

On paper, I wouldn't think a show about parenthood and marriage would speak to me, but Sindhu's style and delivery ensures that it does. She's a very vivid storyteller and it's not difficult to imagine her petty rows with her husband over chewing gum or her encounters with her children, even her middle child.

Sometimes you watch an Edinburgh show and want to watch it again, almost immediately, and Sindhu Vee's sandhog is certainly one of those. It's just a shame that she's sold out.

She's an exciting new voice; assured, unfiltered and refreshing and after such an exciting debut I predict a huge future for Sindhu!

Sindhu Vee: Sandhog runs until 26th August at 4:30pm at The Pleasance Courtyard (The Attic). Book tickets here.

(This review was based on the performance from Friday 17th August 2018)

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