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Ed is forced to come clean about his gambling problem in Corrie

But will he tell them the worst of it?

At No.3 on Christmas Day, Ed watches guiltily as the family unwrap the few meagre presents they managed to salvage and he feels even worse when he unwraps the watch inscribed with ‘For the World’s Best Dad. Our Hero’. Calling round, Alya invites them all to join her family at Speed Daal for Christmas lunch.

Calling at No.3, Craig admits that they’ve been unable to trace the burglar and Joel calls at the builder’s yard to tell Ed that he’s got a wealthy client who’s looking for a decent and honest builder and he’ll put in a good word for him.

But when Sean and Izzy present Michael with a wendy house for Glory, explaining how they all clubbed together and bought it from a pawn shop, he is surprised to realise it’s the exact same Wendy house that was stolen. When Michael tells Craig about the wendy house, he promises to look into it.

As the Bailey family reel from the discovery of Ed’s gambling, Michael wants him gone and Dee Dee is furious that both Joel and Ronnie knew about Ed’s gambling.

When Todd finds Ed in the precinct ginnel, with the weight of the world on his shoulders, Ed tells him about his gambling problem and how the family hates him but don’t know the worst. And Ed decides to come clean.

Coronation Street continues Christmas Day to 29th December on ITV1


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