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Ed is knocked to the floor after failing to get Tony his money in Corrie

Will he finally open up to his family about the money he owes?

Ed bets the Christmas dinner money Serge gives him on a horse to try and pay off his payday loan.

With Aggie unable to get home for Christmas the family vow to make it special for Glory and Ed promises Serge he will have the £1K he promised to lend him.

When Paul arrives with the cash they owe, Ed is relieved that he can finally pay Tony. But when Serge finds him with the cash he assumes it is for him

Taking everyone to the Bistro, Ronnie hands Ed some cash to buy drinks, but unbeknownst to Ed, a furious Tony has spotted him splashing the cash instead of paying him. Cornering Ed, Tony makes it clear he wants the money he’s owed by tomorrow.

Desperate to get away from his problems and Tony’s threats, Ed secretly packs a bag and tells Aggie he is coming to spend Christmas with her in Birmingham, but as he opens the front door, he comes face to face with Tony, who menacingly barges his way into the house.

When Ed’s phone rings with a call from Aggie, Tony threatens to tell her everything. As Ed makes a grab for the phone, Tony punches him, knocking him to the floor.

In the bistro, Michael shows Ronnie and Sarge the watch he’s bought Ed for Christmas, engraved with the words ‘For the World’s Best Dad. Our Hero.' and Ronnie reckons it's perfect.

But when the Baileys return home, they find Ed nursing a cut lip and all the presents gone. After Dee-Dee calls the police, Craig goes over the details of the burglary with Ed who says he forgot to lock the back door. 

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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