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Ed's determined to clear his debts in Corrie

But will he listen to Dee-Dee and stay away from Damon?

Dee-Dee tells Ed that he can’t kip on her sofa forever and they need to call a family meeting to come up with a solution

Admitting to Dee-Dee that he’ll be sad to lose the builder’s yard, Ed tells her that clearing his debts is top priority and that later he’s going to his gambling support group.

Calling at No.3, Dee-Dee suggests it’s time Ed moved back home, but whilst Michael refuses to entertain the idea, Sarge realises something needs to be done.

Revealing he’s getting his money out of the bistro, Damon tells Ed he can pay him to do the bar renovation before the builder’s yard is sold. But Dee-Dee’s alarmed to discover that Ed’s struck a deal with Damon and urges her dad to stay well away.

Coronation Street continues New Year's Eve to 5th January on ITV1

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