ED TV Fest 2016 Day 1

With the first day of the Edinburgh TV Festival 2016 over, here are 7 things that happened on day one.

1. ITV2 commit to more sex on TV

During the first controller session of the TV Festival, Rosemary Newell, just six weeks into her new position as ITV's Head of Digital Channels and Acquisitions agreed with chair Rick Edwards that Love Island is a channel-defining programme.

When asked if there will be more sex on ITV2, Rosemary very confidently replied "Yes" and went on to describe the channel as the home of "outrageous entertainment".

She also committed to Love Island's voiceover artist Iain Stirling, saying that she "can't image the show without him" although no word on whether Caroline Flack will be back.

Love Island dominated the conversation at Rosemary's controller session, which isn't surprising considering the show was at the heart of the national conversation over the summer and proved that young people ARE still watching TV.