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Ed TV Fest: Work in TV? Grayson Perry wants YOUR art!

Entries close Friday 31st July to be judged by Grayson and Philippa Perry in August during this year's Edinburgh Television Festival.

For the first time ever, this year's Edinburgh Television Festival will be entirely digital with all the usual festival staples including the prestigious MacTaggart Lecture, taking place online from the 24th - 27th August.

One of the sessions already announced is Grayson's Art Club, which takes its name from the hit Channel 4 series which brought the nation together during lockdown unleashing their creative potential through art.

During the interactive session on Monday 24th August, introduced by Ackley Bridge and Celebrity Gogglebox star Sunetra Sarker, Grayson Perry and his wife, psychotherapist and author Philippa will be choosing their favourite artistic efforts submitted by the TV industry on the theme of 'Television'.

Like many people, I've taken to drawing myself during lockdown and even launched a new Instagram page - aptly titled I Draw Telly - where I've been drawing some of my favourite TV shows.

If you too, work in television and have unleashed your inner artist during lockdown. Or perhaps revisited a passion you thought you'd left behind. Then submit a photograph of your artwork along with a short video of yourself (less than three minutes in duration) explaining why you made the piece, to Grayson and Philippa here.

Remember, the theme is 'Television' - and quite how you interpret that is up to you of course! All mediums of art will be accepted. Grayson and Philippa will see the work, select the pieces that speak to them, and talk to the artists behind them as Edinburgh celebrates the art of TV.

The session aims to reflect on the role of art on TV, the importance of culture in a crisis, and appraise the submissions from delegates brave enough to take on the challenge.

This year's Edinburgh Television Festival takes place 24th - 27th August and you can book your digital passes (free to freelancers if you book before 31st July) here.

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