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Eddie tells Gloria that everything is going to plan as he returns to Walford in EastEnders

But what is he up to? And is Gina right to question his ‘nice guy’ act?

When Eddie arrives at The Vic with news that he’s won an award for championing diversity in boxing, George is proud, but Gina isn’t convinced by her grandad’s new ‘nice guy’ act.

Sensing Gina’s irritation, George takes Eddie for a tour of the Square where the pair stumble upon Denzel training at the Boxing Den and Eddie encourages George to get in the ring with Denzel as the pair try to improve his form.

When Avani arrives and joins Denzel in the ring, it’s not long before Eddie’s tough approach has consequences as Denzel insults Avani leading her to flee. And George berates Denzel before he heads to McClunky’s to apologise.

Later in The Vic, Yolande is impressed by Denzel’s new focus but questions his new obsession when he reveals that he wants to train twice a day.

It soon becomes clear that Eddie is up to something when he receives a call from Gloria and tells her that everything is going to plan.

Helping Cindy at Beale’s Eels, Gina shares her concerns about George and Eddie.

When Cindy challenges George on his new acceptance of Eddie, it's not long before things turn sour between the pair and George criticises Cindy for her own parenting skills.

Later, Cindy reels from a second argument with George and has a heart-to-heart with Peter and Ian.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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