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Eileen is wary of Estelle's performing arts club in Corrie

Can Glenda prove her wrong and make a success of it?

When Estelle tells Glenda that the Weatherfield franchise of Little Big Shotz is up for grabs and it’s hers for the knockdown price of £5k, she gladly accepts but tells George and Eileen that she needs to find £5k.

After telling Eileen of his plans to lend Glenda the £5k she needs for her Little Big Shotz franchise, Eileen reckons it’s a scam and he’ll live to regret it.

Later, Eileen tells a guilty George that she is pleased he decided not to invest in Glenda’s business but is furious when to overhear Glenda saying only two kids have signed up and a horrified George pointing out that he can’t afford to lose £5k

Returning home, George and Glenda find Estelle giving some last-minute tips about her new stage school but Eileen reckons it's doomed from the off.

In the community centre, a nervous Glenda psyches herself up for her first class. And when the first kids’ drama class comes to an end, George smiles over at Glenda, pleased that it was such a success.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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