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Eliza secretly meets with her dad in Corrie

How will Stu react?

Eliza lies to Yasmeen and Stu and tells them she's going to holiday club. After discovering that there's no such thing, Stu is shocked to find her with a strange man at the precinct.

Later, confiding in Sam, Eliza tells him that she's worried her mum might try and stop her from seeing her Dad. Calling Bridget, Stu informs her that Eliza has been in contact with her Dad.

When Stu apologises to Eliza for the way he treated her dad, she's unforgiving and Yasmeen and Stu return home to find Eliza face timing her Dad. And as Stu loses his temper, a row ensues!

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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