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Ella and Charlie spend another night together in Hollyoaks

But who does Charlie really want? Ella or Shing Lin?

With Charlie wanting to talk to Ella about what happened the other night, they're interrupted by Scott who is helping Vicky, Shing Lin and Ella get outfits ready for their prom. But when Ella pulls out a dress that was Cindy’s, Scott tells the teen it’s inappropriate leaving her embarrassed and walking out claiming she’ll buy something new.

After managing to get Ella alone, Charlie and her agree that the other night was a mistake. Seeing she’s stressed about finding an outfit, Charlie tells her she’s beautiful whatever she wears, before putting his foot in it.

When Ella finds a brand-new prom dress on her doorstep as a gift from an anonymous source, she has a good idea as to who’s behind it and later thanks Charlie for the gift and leads him upstairs.

The following morning, Ella successfully manages to sneak out of the Osbourne’s house, having stayed over with Charlie. Wanting to cheer up Oscar who is missing Nancy, Darren makes a puppet with her face on and trials it out on Charlie.

Thankful to hear the doorbell ring, Charlie's gratitude is short-lived when it’s Shing Lin on the other side of the door and they're devastated to hear that prom is off.

However, Shing Lin calls in reinforcements in the form of former headteacher Sally St Claire who after pulling some strings gets the green light for the event. But when Shing Lin puts her arms around Charlie in celebration, with Ella standing next to them, the confused teenager lashes out.

As Charlie gets prepared for Prom, his excitement quickly disappears when he discovers Darren will be chaperoning. Unsure where he stands with Shing Lin, Darren tries to offer him so wise words, but the teen quickly blows up.

Together, Dave and Darren team up to help Shing Lin and Charlie make up, but their intervention doesn’t go to plan.

Later, Ella and Dillon challenge each other to see who can get the most alcohol for prom, but with neither Ella, Dillon, Leah or Mason managing to get anyone to buy alcohol for them, Leah suggests maybe asking someone they already know and pushes Ella into asking Warren. After some persuasion, Warren agrees if they meet him at the garage later.

Meanwhile, not wanting to drift apart even though they’re no longer together, DeMarcus makes a gesture to Vicky and asks if she’ll be his date for prom.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm first look episodes available weekday mornings on Channel 4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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