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Emma struggles with what to do in Corrie after Curtis comes clean to her about his illness

Will their wedding still go ahead?

Please note these spoilers are for the week commencing Monday 13th December

As Emma babysits Hope and Ruby, she goes to switch off Curtis’ TV Doctor DVD but is puzzled to hear the Doctor using the same phrase Curtis used when tending to Harvey the night of the storm.

As Emma and Gemma discuss the coincidence, they’re horrified to realise that Ruby has swallowed one of Curtis’ pills and at A&E Emma shows the doctor Curtis’s pills, explaining he suffers from a heart condition.

Emma is confused when the doctor confirms that Ruby’s fine as the pill she took was only a vitamin.

Back at home, a shell-shocked Emma assures Tyrone it was a false alarm and Ruby just swallowed a vitamin tablet. When Curtis returns home, making out he’s exhausted after his run, Emma confronts him with the pillbox and demands answers. Will Curtis come clean?

At the hospital, Emma quizzes Dr Handley about Curtis’ condition, but he refuses to be drawn. Frustrated, Emma calls Neville. As she grills him about Curtis’ illness will Neville tell-all?

Hanging his head in shame, Curtis finally admits he’s not dying, explaining to Emma how he first feigned illness when his parents were getting divorced. Enjoying the attention, Curtis recognises that once he’d started, he couldn’t stop. When Emma asks about his medical training, Curtis admits that was a lie too.

Asserting she’ll never be able to trust him again, Emma orders Curtis to pack his bags. But before she can share her news, Steve tells her about the £4k Curtis raised and how they want to thank him. Will Emma have a change of heart?

As she accompanies him to his appointment with the psychologist, Emma is overwhelmed as she listens to Curtis explaining how he’s spent years convincing people that he’s dying as he enjoys the attention.

Curtis assures Emma that he intends to get better and tells her that he loves her more than anything and tomorrow could be the best day of their lives. Will Emma agree to go ahead with their wedding plans?

When Emma explains to Amy that Curtis is suffering from a factitious disorder and he’s seeing a psychologist, she's astounded and insists she can’t marry him and must tell the family the truth.

Meanwhile, unaware of Curtis’ lies, a drunk Steve hands him his bank card and PIN, asking him to transfer the £100k they raised to Oliver’s charity account.

At home, Curtis opens his laptop and takes out Steve’s bank card. What will he do next?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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