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Emmerdale's most ambitious stunt sees at least one main character die

With Meena on a mission to kill and the elements set against them, the event turns into a race to survive. But who will lose?

Filmed over six weeks, this is one of Emmerdale’s most ambitious weeks of drama full of twists and turns. With stunts including white water rapids and a custom-built maize maze, grown from scratch near the Emmerdale village, Emmerdale are keeping their biggest stunt top secret. But this week will be sure to leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

The week begins with a flashforward to Meena lying motionless in the middle of a maize maze. We hear her voice saying "It was meant to be a day of fun. And it was, to begin with. Everyone was really up for it. Competitive but friendly, you know? A lovely atmosphere. It was a trial run, so I suppose we imagined the odd thing might go wrong. But not this. No one could have imagined this."

We’re then brought back to the present and the survival event organised by Priya and Ellis, where Manpreet, Charles, Victoria, David, Meena, Andrea, Charity and Mack are all participants.

The survival challenge begins with cries of enthusiasm. As the survivalists jump into their rafts and set off down the river, Billy and Ben try to rally their respective team members. It seems to be going well, but the day soon takes a horrible turn and many are left fighting for their lives in the menacing waters.

Arriving late to the event are Paddy and Marlon who try to catch up with their team members.

As the participants all head for first prize in the centre of the maize maze, Meena has tampered with Victoria’s abseiling harness. Wanting her out of the way, she’ll stop at nothing to kill Victoria.

With Meena on a mission to kill and the elements set against them, the event turns into a race to survive but who will lose?

That day, we’ll see Meena hold Victoria’s lifeless body under the water, but someone’s watching from afar. Wanting to find out just what they’ve seen, Meena follows them into the maze. With only one thing on her mind, Meena’s ready to kill should anyone get in her way…

Soon, David, Victoria, Manpreet and Charles find themselves fighting for their lives in the menacing waters. But what events led them into such danger?

There are many twists and turns this week but one thing is certain, it will end in tragedy for at least one person as Meena’s reign of terror takes hold.

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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