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EMMERDALE SPOILERS Brenda takes pity on Doug

But will it turn into a passionate embrace?

Having been conned by Terry, Pollard tells him it’ll cost £25k to fix the B&B and Doug is later taken away by police after he lets his frustrations take over and smashes up a police car.

The next day, Pollard is surprised to find a tatty-looking rucksack with cash inside. Lachlan is left fearful his gift will be exposed when Diane wonders whether they can keep the money and Doug reveals that Gerry’s “uncle” was an imposter.

Lachlan reckons they should keep the cash, but Liv senses something odd in his support and she confronts him. He admits he left the money but will anyone listen to Liv when she accuses Lachlan of being behind the burglary?

Later on in the week, Diane asks Rebecca if there are any shifts going at the Woolpack and Doug is upset when she’s cold with him. Brenda takes pity on Doug but will pity turn into a passionate embrace?

These scenes will air Monday 11th - Friday 15th June on ITV


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