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EMMERDALE SPOILERS Cain finds out about Nate and Moira's affair, Chas goes into labour + more

The following storylines will air 21st - 25th October at 7pm on ITV

Cain finds out about Nate and Moira's affair leading to a life-threatening explosion


When Moira tells Cain that she believes Moira is having an affair with Pete, Cain sets a trap for Pete at the farm which he walks right into. After being knocked unconscious by Cain, a tied-up, bleeding and panic stricken Pete tries to reason with Cain before revealing it's Nate that Moira is having the affair with, not him.

Blissfully unaware at what's to come, Moira wakes up at the hotel next to Nate making the most of their freedom, only to leave the hotel and be met by Cain. Coercing them both into his car, Cain later pulls up at a lakeside pier. Looking fearful, they both wonder what Cain really has planned for this fishing trip.

Once on board, Cain takes Nate to task, who reveals he has been having an affair with his wife. As they fight on the tiny boat, Cain picks up a plank, ready to finish the job. But is he capable of killing Nate?

In all the commotion, Moira is pushed overboard and becomes trapped in weeds underwater. Meanwhile, above on the surface, a petrol canister has been leaking and soon a huge explosion rips through the boat, threatening to kill those on board.

Chas goes into labour


With the Woolpack reopening, Bob reveals that the builders won't have the toiler door fixed in time. As they investigate, Marlon and Chas get trapped in the toilet, without a mobile phone between them, just as Chas' waters break!

Crying out for help, Marlon's cries aren't heard over Bob's DJing so it's left to him to coach Chas through her labour - using his chef's jacket to produce a makeshift bed for her.

As they link hands, Chas finally believes she can do this… 



Mandy & Vinny’s plan reaches fruition, but they panic when the solicitor says he’s coming over to sort the money. When Lydia figures something’s afoot, Mandy’s dead-set on them running away but as they talk, we see a stranger watching them from afar. But who could it be?


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