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EMMERDALE SPOILERS Cain reveals the truth to Moira

But how will she react?

Covering his own guilt, Cain discourages Debbie from looking for Joe and she's left bewildered when he tells her that Sarah is better, and that he's sending her and the kids away to go on the run.

As he tries to hide his guilt over Joe, Moira tells Cain that if he can’t tell Debbie whatever the truth is, then he will have to leave rather than sending her away.

Moira is left stunned when Cain makes the horrifying admission to her that he killed Joe. Spotting how broken he is over this, she tries to reassure him.

But when a troubled Moira confronts Graham, seeking assurance they can trust him not to ever tell Debbie, she’s pained to learn Joe was coming back for Debbie. When she hears the voicemail where Joe tells Graham that he loves Debbie, she's left horrified and realises how much this recording could affect Cain should he ever hear it.

Later, Moira tells Cain about going to see Graham but doesn’t mention the voicemail, knowing he can’t ever know about it. Can Moira trust Graham?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7pm with an extra episode Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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