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EMMERDALE SPOILERS Charity opens up about her troubled past

In a special hour-long flashback episode we will be taken on a journey into Charity’s past.

Mica Proctor will portray 14-year-old Charity as she experiences the traumatic events Charity endured at a such a young age.

She has never really showed her true feelings apart from her ill-fated relationships with Cain, but they were too alike to ever turn passion into a long-standing union. Love seemed to allude Charity until recently when she began a passionate affair with Emmerdale vet Vanessa Woodfield.

Charity’s pained when Harriet brings up the subject of her dead son unaware Vanessa has overheard. Shocked, Vanessa wants to help and secretly her and Harriet head to the hospital to try and find more information on Charity’s baby but will their meddling cause more pain for Charity?

Meanwhile, a grim Charity drives out of the village but a song playing on the radio transports her back to her 14 year old self.

These scenes will air Tuesday 29th May on ITV

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