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EMMERDALE SPOILERS Debbie admits responsibility for Ross' attack

But at what cost?

Debbie’s scared when Pete seems about to reveal the truth.

The next day, Pete’s worried that Ross has set up a lunch date with Rebecca, thinking it might be a mistake, but Victoria’s optimistic. However when she doesn't show up, Ross storms out and when Dawn finds him, it's not long before one thing leads to another.

When Victoria and Rebecca arrive Rebecca realises what has happened between Ross and Dawn and feels hurt. Ross lashes out at everyone’s interference and Pete is concerned it’s all due to Debbie.

Later in the pub, Pete publicly confronts Debbie telling her it was her who ruined Ross’s life.. Chas orders Debbie into the back room where she finally admits she was involved in Ross’ attack and both Chas and Sarah are horrified.

Debbie is upset when Faith says Sarah doesn’t want to see her. Debbie admits to Charity and Vanessa she was behind Ross’ acid attack.

Faith brings Sarah round to talk to Debbie but Sarah refuses to make peace and instead blames Joe, accusing him of turning Debbie into a horrible person.

These scenes will air Monday 4th - Friday 8th June at 7pm on ITV


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