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EMMERDALE SPOILERS Frank and Megan are in danger

Frank makes Megan think he’s moving on with another woman, leaving her gutted.

Megan insists she loves him and is not giving up on their relationship and they reunite.. Ross offers to sell Frank a vintage sports car and Megan, realising he can’t afford it, offers to buy it.

They are unaware it’s dodgy and don't notice there is a drip coming from the car as they drive off. Soon Frank and Megan’s lives hang in the balance as the car ends upside down in a ditch.

Meanwhile, Ross has organised a party and Pete is concerned about drug fuelled Ross. How will Ross react when he hears about Megan and Frank?

And also what will Cain do when he hears about it?

These scenes will air Monday 13th - Friday 17th August at 7pm with an extra episode Thursday 16th August at 8pm on ITV


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