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EMMERDALE SPOILERS Graham demands answers from Andrea, Moira reveals all about Will's past + more

The following storylines will air 23rd-27th September at 7pm on ITV.

Graham demands answers from Andrea about whether he's Millie's father


Ignoring Kim's warning agains riding Blaze, Jamie loses control of the horse leaving the other horses spooked and in the ensuing chaos Millie is knocked down. As they wait for the doctor's verdict, Kim assures Jamie that he isn't to blame.

Demanding answers from Andrea when she reveals Millie's date of birth, he asks her if he's Millie's father. The next day at the hospital, Jamie and Kim fuss over Millie, whilst Andrea hides her secret dread over Graham’s question.

After leaving her an angry message, not wishing to be ignored, Graham confronts a panicking Andrea at the hospital demanding answers. Fearing that her family is built on a lie, Andrea begs him to keep their one night stand a secret, arguing that he is not Millie's father. But her anxiety leaves him surer than ever that he is.

Moira an reveals all about Will's past


Moira & Nate are determined to make the most of their remaining time without Cain in the caravan but are left tense when Matty almost walks in on them. Unable to gain entry, Matty and Ryan hunker down outside the caravan with a spliff, leaving Moira trapped and panicking over what she’ll do. Seeing an opening, Moira eventually climbs out of the caravan but comes face to face with a lumbering Matty.

The next day, in the lead up to the anniversary of Holly’s death, Harriet offers her support to Moirafor which she's grateful for. However, Moira’s shocked to hear of Harriet’s relationship with Will and even more shocked when Cain reveals that he already knew their history.

Moira’s convinced that Will sold Matty the weed, but Cain attempts to speak some sense and Moira’s left seething. As her anger reaches fever pitch, Moira interrupts the Harvest Festival and reveals Will’s past as a drug trafficker.

There’s a ripple of shock through the congregation as Harriet reels to see her relationship going public in the worst possible way. And Cain’s left appalled by Moira’s venomous words towards Harriet.



Faith rejects Bear's advances and as he reveals the truth about her kiss with Zak, Belle overhears and Billy encourages Ellis to tell Belle how he really feels. Mandy decides to feign a pregnancy so that she can attend an antenatal class with Paddy that Chas doesn’t want to attend and Laurel urges Jai to attend Rachel’s funeral.


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