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EMMERDALE SPOILERS Graham is murdered by an unknown assailant

Get ready for a life-changing week for Emmerdale as Graham Foster meets his grisly end after driving someone to murder - But who is responsible?

Across the week, we will witness the opening day of Hawkford Outdoor Pursuits over and over again as each episode shows the events of that day from the perspective of a different character - all of whom have a motive to kill Graham.

Monday's episode will be told from the perspective of Kim and Al. After learning about his planned move to France Kim summons Graham and struggles to hide her vulnerability - asking him if they still have a chance of a future together.

After implying that there might be, Kim realises she's being played for a fool and once she learns about several unauthorised withdrawals from her bank account, she wants Graham dead and enlists the help of Al.

At the start of Tuesday's episode we see a stressed and exhausted Jai head off in search of cocaine. When his car later collides with Graham's - he's outed as being under the influence and before he knows it Graham confesses all to a horrified Laurel.

Things go from bad to worse when Rishi intercepts the drugs Jai has ordered and his family and relationship are in tatters. With it all being Graham’s fault, Jai’s going to make him pay.

In Wednesday's episode, Charity drags a reluctant Sarah, Noah and Ryan home, determined to make the day perfect. Unbeknownst to them, Vanessa and Charity have planned a romantic surprise wedding with all of their family present!

When Graham summons Ryan to make the final transfer from Kim's account to his, he refuses but it's not long before he's forced to transfer the money and locks him in the Kayak Hut to stop him going to Kim.

Raging, Charity tracks Ryan down and goes after Graham who belittles her. Vowing revenge, Charity heads to Jacobs Fold and tells Ryan they’re going to make Graham pay for his actions. 

Whilst during Thursday's first episode we see Andrea notice that she's being followed by a private detective, hired by Jamie. After seeking Graham's help, Graham passes Jamie and Andrea acting friendly on Main Street and reveals his secret dealings to a horrified Jamie, who vows his revenge.

Meanwhile, furious Graham has torn his family apart again, Andrea gets into her car at Pear Tree and peels away quickly.

In Thursday's second episode, Marlon drives in and parks up in the food-van - unaware of Rhona's upcoming plan to leave for France with Leo and Graham. When she arrives unannounced and leaves Leo with Marlon, her conscience starts to get the better of her and as they head to Tall Trees and they talk things through, he misreads the situation and leans in to kiss her.

Shocked, Rhona reveals her plans to leave with Graham and a furious Marlon storms away to stop Graham taking his son at whatever cost. 

And finally on Friday, we witness events unfold from Graham’s perspective as it all finally becomes clear.

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