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EMMERDALE SPOILERS Graham loses control

On Tuesday, haunted by memories and mistakes, the viewers will visit Graham Foster’s past and at last see what has made him the man he is today.

In the present day at Home Farm, a drunken Graham is haunted by his visualisations of his dead wife. As he continues to lose himself in drink he talks to her.

Soon in the village Graham is drunk and out of control and when Frank tries to intervene, it results in a fight. Cain arrives and Graham sees red, raring for a proper fight. Graham shoves Chas aside to get to Cain and she falls to the ground. Has Graham pushed it too far?

Before long, Joe finds Graham and attempts to console him, gutted by the depth of his self-loathing. But Graham loses control and charges at Joe. Just how far will Graham go?

These scenes will air Tuesday 31st July at 7pm on ITV


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