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EMMERDALE SPOILERS Lachlan's jealous of new investor Freddy

But could he kill again?

After Belle points out to a potential investor Freddy that Whingles has business potential, he agrees to invest in the business and invites her to join his head office in London for a year. Priya urges Belle to accept Freddy’s offer and it’s clear she’s tempted.

At a meeting with Freddy, Belle suggests she and Lachlan both become trainees in his company but Freddy rejects the idea. Although at first supportive of his girlfriend, Lachlan tells Freddy she’s not going to London after all. Belle angrily assures him she is and heads off leaving Lachlan fuming.

Later, a drunken Priya spots Lachlan and gets into his car, asking him to take her home.

Lachlan’s frustrated but as Freddy pulls away he follows him with dark intent as Priya falls asleep. Lachlan glances at a stone he’s stashed in the footwell and hits the gas.

When Freddy parks at a hotel Lachlan gets out of the car, preparing to attack him...

These scenes will air Tuesday 19th June, Thursday 21st June and Friday 22nd June at 7pm for hour-long episodes on ITV


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