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EMMERDALE SPOILERS Mandy returns and walks in on Al & Jessie kissing, Tracy makes accusations & more

The following storylines will air 9th-13th September at 7pm on ITV

With the kids continuing to run rings around her at the after school club, Jessie's feeling humiliated and frustrated but her interest is soon piqued by Al’s suggestion of a head teacher’s job in Dubai. However she's shocked to discover that Al has already arranged a phone interview.

When Marlon arrives, Al realises Jessie hasn’t told him about the job and relishes in ‘accidentally’ letting it slip. Tensions rise as Marlon arrives home to catch Jessie in mid-interview and he storms off. Tensions then continue to rise when Al is put on the football team, leading very quickly to petty dirty tactics out on the field.

In the cricket pavilion after the game, Al and Jessie reminisce about old times as he moves in for a kiss whilst Marlon’s in the pub expressing his frustrations about Al being back on the scene.

At home as Al moves in for a second kiss, Jessie reciprocates but suddenly recoils in horror when the door bursts open… It’s Mandy! But what will she do with the knowledge? Is this the beginning of the end for Marlon and Jessie’s marriage?

Back with a bang, Mandy wastes no time in making her opinions on Al and Jessie very clear. And as she catches up with the Dingle clan, what could her and son Vinny be hiding?

Only interested in proving her dad’s innocence, Tracy rejects celebrating her birthday and is mortified to have got things so wrong re Dawn. Later, when she overhears a covert conversation between Dawn and Will, she jumps to a fresh conclusion.

Soon Tracy’s locking the door to the church trapping Dawn, making accusations. But will she regret her actions?

Meanwhile, Vanessa prepares a birthday tea, eager to bury the hatchet with her sister. Before long Vanessa intervenes and takes a broken Tracy home who sobs into Vanessa’s arms.

The day after, Tracy’s bitter to see Vanessa arrive with Frank’s ashes wanting nothing to do with them. Before long she admits to Vanessa how betrayed she feels by Frank. Can Vanessa change her mindset?


Elsewhere, Rishi reveals his master plan for a restart determined to rebuild his business empire from scratch and is Moira having second thoughts about her and Nate as they struggle to find time alone without being disturbed?

And Doug’s riddled with guilt and paranoia as Charity ups her campaign against drugs and Pollard resolves to join the quest to clear the village of drugs. But as Doug has a sneaky spliff, he’s caught red handed by Pollard. Will he report him or find another way to deal with this issue?


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