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EMMERDALE SPOILERS The identity of Amelia's real father is revealed

But is it Daz or Dan? And will Amelia find out the truth?

Bernice is suspicious as Daz and Kerry try to find the missing letter revealing the DNA test results. Can they intercept it without Dan learning the truth?

The next day Kerry is worried sick about Dan who stormed off and Daz tries to apologise to Dan who is scared what the results might say.

Pretending he doesn’t care, he throws them unread into the bin but soon decides to open the results. But what do they say?

With the brother’s at war over everything, Dan tells Daz to pack up and leave.

Amidst the arguing, Amelia arrives and demands to know what is going on…. Can this family resolve their difference and will Amelia learn who her dad really is?

These scenes will air Monday 14th - Friday 18th May on ITV


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