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EMMERDALE SPOILERS There's hope for Sarah as a new heart is found

In the hospital, Debbie meets Dom, one of Sarah’s friends on the ward and everyone is shocked when Dom suddenly collapses.

The next day Sarah lashes out at Debbie. Distraught, she tells Joe about Dom which only amplifies her worries about Sarah. Soon Debbie starts to panic when the cardiologist asks to speak to her in private.

She’s plagued by mixed emotions when they explain they’ve found Sarah a new heart, aware she now faces a life or death operation.

As the cardiologist talks through the formalities, Debbie is clearly struggling with her fears. As they prep Sarah for the op will it all go to plan?

These scenes will air Monday 6th - Friday 10th August at 7pm with an extra episode Thursday 9th August at 8pm on ITV

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