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EMMERDALE SPOILERS Monday 13th - Friday 17th May

Next week in Emmerdale, Lisa shares her heartbreaking news with the family, Harriet finds herself in danger as she comes face-to-face with Will for the first time and Megan's overcome with guilt.

Here are all the latest spoilers and pics you need

Zak and Lisa return

As Lisa shares her heartbreaking news with the family

Blissfully unaware of the real reason Zak and Lisa are coming home. Bella prepares them a welcome home party. Overwhelmed by the reception, Lisa begins to feel the pressure of telling the family the real reason they’re back.

With Charity upset, Belle starts to get concerned and Lisa finally reveals she's dying, something we saw her tells Charity back in March. Struggling to process the news, the Dingles are upset and Belle is hurt to find out that Charity knew about Lisa’s illness all along.

But will she forgive Lisa and agree to make the most of the time Lisa does have left?

Admitting to Zak that she's frightened of dying, Lisa wonders what will happen when she goes. Zak vows to comfort her but is heartbroken and struggling to cope, goes missing. Will he return safely?


Harriet finds herself in danger

As she comes face-to-face with Will for the first time

After lying that her father hasn’t been in contact, Dawn is shocked and horrified at the lengths Will has gone to as she finds a box at Woodbine filled with service leaflets celebrating Harriet’s life.

The next day, after following him to Woodbine, Dawn and Will get into a tussle and she hits her head on the table. Discovering an injured Dawn, Harriet is fuming and locks her in the house to head off towards the Church.

Things take a dark turn as Harriet faces Will for the first time and he crushes her with a coffin lid. How far will Will go to seek his revenge on Harriet?

And will Dawn be able to save Harriet before it’s too late?


Megan's overcome with guilt

But will she tell Pollard the truth about the accident?


Emmerdale continues Monday to Friday at 7pm, with an extra episode Tuesday at 8pm on ITV


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