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EMMERDALE SPOILERS Monday 27th - Friday 31st May

Next week in Emmerdale, Chas and Paddy's scan brings them good news, Graham comes to Megan's rescue and Harriet has a big decision to make.

Here are all the latest spoilers and pics you need

Chas and Paddy's scan brings them good news

As they decide to keep the baby's gender a secret

With Chas clearly worried about her 20-week scan, Paddy does what he believes to be the right thing and cancels it behind her back. But when Chas finds out, Paddy finds himself in the doghouse whilst Cain encourages Chas to be honest with Paddy about her feelings.

Attending their re-arranged scan, Chas and Paddy are both terrified about the health of their baby. After what feels like a lifetime, they're relieved to be told that their baby is perfectly healthy.

As the Dingles celebrate their good news, Chas and Paddy keep the gender a secret. But later, at Grace’s grave, Paddy and Chas tell their daughter she can keep their secret for them.


Graham comes to Megan's rescue

After Kim sends her packing

Hoping to drum up business to pay for her legal fees, Megan agrees to an event at Home Farm, but happy to see her suffer, Kim sends her packing.

In the Woolpack, Megan breaks down to Manpreet just as Kim arrives to tell her that she should face the consequences of her actions in front of the whole pub

Feeling utterly hated, Megan is left stunned when a guilty Graham offers to pay her fees. Failing to reveal to Frank about his offer, Megan agrees to move in with Frank.

Visiting a grateful Megan, Graham gives her a blank cheque and she's left not knowing how to explain the situation to Frank when he arrives.

Will Megan tell the truth? And how will Frank take it? Might he do something he might regrets?


Harriet has a big decision to make

Will she let Dawn back in her life?

When Dawn returns and tells Harriet that she needs her and doesn’t want to lose her, she is in shock. Conflicted, will Harriet let Dawn back in her life? Or could it send Dawn back on a downward spiral?

Before long, Will appears leaving Harriet feeling shocked and alarmed. Despite her better judgement, Harriet can’t help being worried about Dawn when Will explains she’s in a bad way over everything.

Both feeling responsible for Dawn’s despair, Harriet confronts Will. With all the hatred between them, where will they go from here? Will Dawn relapse?


Emmerdale continues Monday to Friday at 7pm, with an extra episode Tuesday at 8pm on ITV


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