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EMMERDALE SPOILERS Monday 4th - Friday 8th February

Next week in Emmerdale, Maya is knocked unconscious, Cain is arrested, Dawn's determined to get custody of Lucas, Manpreet confesses all to Jai and Nicola fights for her marriage.

Here are all the latest pics and spoilers you need...

Maya is knocked unconscious

After deciding to pack her bags and leave the village

As Liv pulls Jacob into Mill Cottage, Maya feels a pang of jealousy and lets slip to Robert and Aaron, Jacob's whereabouts.

During their date, Liv is heartened by Jacob's acceptance of her asexuality and both are happy about their growing relationship. But they are interrupted by Aaron who barges in and finds Liv and Jacob cuddled up. Furious, he throws Jacob out, much to Liv's horror.

As Jacob and Maya share a moment the next day, they're interrupted by Aaron and it soon becomes clear that Maya stitched him up. Furious, Jacob tells Maya to stay away from him, leaving her crushed.

When Maya tries to apologise to Jacob the next day, he resists her advances and threatens to tell David about their affair, leaving her feeling hurt.

Terrified that she's lost control over Jacob, Maya decides to leave the village, but whilst she’s packing her things away she falls off a stool and hits her head rendering her unconscious....


Cain is arrested

And admits to seeing Joe on the day he went missing

Just as things start to look up for Cain as Kerry tells him that he can have access to Kyle, he's rattles to find the police searching Butlers.

When he refuses to join them at the station, the police arrest him. At the station, Cain pales as DS Sanders reveals they have information that places him at Home Farm the day Joe went missing, pressured Cain admits to seeing Joe the day he went missing.

But will Graham back up his story when the police arrive to question him?


Dawn's determined to get custody of Lucas

After the social worker delivers some devastating news

Still suffering from withdrawals, Dawn struggles to cope after being told by the social worker that the process to get Lucas adopted has already started.

Inconsolable, after fearing that she may lose her son for good, Dawn lashes out at Harriet for organising the meeting. Feeling worthless she storms out of the Woolpack, followed by a troubled Ryan who tries to comfort her, encouraging her to do whatever makes her happy and fight for what she wants.

The next day, Dawn distracts the social worker so that she can take a photo of Lucas' files, focussing on the address. Back in the village, Harriet is concerned and confronts Dawn about her not telling Ryan the whole truth.

However Dawn just plays the victim and tells Harriet to back off.


Manpreet confesses all to Jai

But will he tell his father?

After noticing that her card got declined whilst trying to pay for drinks and spotting the bailiffs trying to repossess her car, Jai is suspicous of Manpreet.

In denial, Manpreet urges Jai not to tell Rishi. Conflicted, Jai questions her about the extent of her money problems leading to confess all.


Nicola fights for her marriage

As she struggles to accept responsibility for what's happened

After receiving a call from the school to say that Elliot has gone missing, she's relieved to quickly find Elliot outside on the street. As they talk about his behaviour, Nicola promises him that no matter what happens, she'll still be his mum.

Having found her fight again, she heads over to resolve things with Jimmy. But when she arrives at the factory later to reclaim her old position, will things go from bad to worse?


Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7pm, with an extra episode Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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