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End of an era as David puts No.8 up for sale in Corrie after sinkhole drama proves too costly to fix

But will Shona's next move help him change his mind?

As David and Shona return to the street, Ray tells David that they're welcome to stay at his hotel for as long as they need and he's happy to recommend a builder.

After a fruitless call to the house insurance company, David tells Shona that unless there’s any structural damage to the house, they won’t pay out.

At first, David is grateful that Ray has said they can stay at the hotel for as long as they need, but he's soon suspicious when Ray offers to ask a developer mate of his to buy the house off David for full asking price.

After a visit from a structural engineer, a downcast David tells Sally that it would seem he’s responsible for the hole in the garden and it’ll cost at least £20k to fix, leaving him no choice but to sell.

When David breaks the news to Sarah that he wants to sell, she's gutted and points out that the kids will be too.

After admitting how much she enjoyed her night with David, Nina urges Shona to tell him. Taking her advice she calls at No.8 to tell David how much she liked being with him the other night and how she feels ready to move back in with him.

With Shona wanting to move back in as soon as possible, David promises to speak to Aaron and rips up the house sale contract.

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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