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Ethan takes on a difficult case in Emmerdale as Billy is assaulted

But will he follow his loyalties or his career?

Things are moving fast for Marcus and Ethan and as Marcus helps Ethan moves into Tall Trees, Ethan begs Charles not to wind Marcus up. But will he be able to resist?

And when Ethan returns with good news about his job future, the two toast to a successful day until Ethan is urgently called into work.

At the police station, Ethan meets Jordan who’s been arrested on suspicion of assault and determined to do a good job, Ethan takes the case. But after interviewing his client, Ethan is startled to see the CCTV image of Jordan’s victim.

Meanwhile, in the hospital room, we see a beaten up Billy who has sustained serious injuries and it becomes clear he is Jordan’s victim. A broken Billy tells Dawn the attack was racially aggravated and she and Will are certain that justice will prevail but Billy isn’t so sure.

Over in the police station, despite declaring that he knows Billy and there's no conflict of interest, Ethan suggests to Jordan that he may prefer to seek alternative representation. However Jordan is adamant he wants Ethan as his legal counsel, leaving Ethan in an awkward position.

Bumping into each other at the police station, Harriet encourages Ethan to withdraw from the case, warning how difficult this case will make his personal relationships.

What will Ethan decide to do? Follow his loyalties or his career?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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