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Eurovision fever sweeps Hollyoaks as Scott Mills and Sonia make a special appearance

And as Mercedes and Goldie start talking again, could the cousins finally make up?

With things still tense between the cousins, after Mercedes receives a mouthful from an upset Sienna, Goldie jumps to her cousin’s defence. Are things on the mend for the pair?

Later at the McQueens, Goldie is tricked into speaking to Mercedes again and is convinced into calling her boss for a pay rise. But when the video call doesn’t go to plan, Mercedes jumps to her cousin’s defence and tells Norma exactly why the nail technician deserves the extra money.

Ahead of the Chester races, Mercedes and Goldie overhear a conversation between Sienna and Ethan and successful scheming mixed with an accidental slip-up, leads to the “winning” horse’s name landing in the hands of the McQueens.

The following day at the races, the McQueens are already celebrating as they feel victorious in the possession of the piece of paper with ‘Runaway Ginger’ on, that Goldie swiped from Ethan. Could this be the end of their money troubles?

When her attention is won over by an entertaining stranger out on a stag do, Goldie decides to carry on the day.

Elsewhere, Nana McQueen returns home early from her trip to Blackpool and not wanting to miss out while the rest of the family are at the races, creates a bet between her and Prince. But which one will end up having to get their hands dirty?

Later, the McQueens are in for a shock when they return home and discover something is missing and Goldie searches for the fake jockey who stole their winnings.

But when Scott Mills stumbles into the village lost and with his phone out of battery, Goldie convinces Tony he must drive him to Liverpool to save Eurovision. And of course, she goes along for the ride.

Later, the Eurovision party at The Dog proves to be a great hit and the residents receive an extra special performance when Sonia comes to catch up with her old school friend Diane.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with first look episodes available weekday mornings on All4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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